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Our Memories and Experiences of Maison Guinot

When I moved to Toulouse a few years ago with the willing to explore neighbouring wine areas, I remembered from my early years, my grandparents talking about this renowned and mysterious sparkling wine in Languedoc: the Blanquette de Limoux. So I decided to go to the cute old town of Limoux to try to get an idea (and a sip) of what that fizz/fuss was all about.

I went to Maison Guinot’s cellar located where once the medieval walls of the city were. Welcomed by the friendly team, you are invited to take an interactive tour in the cellar, with videos and dim light shows to make you dive into this bubble-verse, taking you through the meanders of the dark, stone-walled cellar, between century old foudres (large oak barrels) and stacks of bottles at different stage of their maturation. This includes thousands of them stored upside down on pupitres where they can be riddled by hand. The dim atmosphere is giving the feeling that this wine sanctuary is almost not affected by time, only just enough to create these so-desired bubbles… that once sipped at the end of the visit, is giving you the “Wow” of the oldest sparkling wine in the world!

More about the domain

The blanquette is the oldest sparkling wine in the world, created in 1531 by the Benedictine monks in Limoux. Dom Perignon on his way to a pilgrimage to St. Jacques de Compostella, stayed at Limoux where he learnt how to make sparkling wine. In 1688, back in his home region, he started to produce what we now call Champagne.

Gedeon Guinot, a herbalist, liquor and wine maker, develops the Blanquette de Limoux and creates ‘Maison Guinot’ in 1875. He was the first wine maker to use the ‘Method Champenoise’, manually turning the bottles and disgorging to eliminate the natural sediments in the wine. Nowadays, they are the last producer in Limoux to turn bottles manually, doing so for 30,000 bottles every morning over 30 days.

In 1889, Maison Guinot participated at the inauguration of the Eiffel Tower at the World Exhibition in Paris and won a Gold Medal for he’s Blanquette de Limoux. From 1909, the domain started to export, becoming the supplier of the Tsar Nicolas II of Russia. Today this tradition and this quality still remain the same for all the cuvées.

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