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Our Memories and Experiences of Chateau Grand Moulin

Located in a small city between Carcassonne and the Mediterranean Sea, this winery is inviting every visitor through its massive iron gates to come on a wine journey, welcomed by a rustic but beautiful stone building – probably aged at least a couple of centuries.

I was invited by Bousquet Family to a showcase of their vineyard and cellars, in anticipation of a launch for the European summer season. You follow this out-of-time Renault “4L” on narrow winding dirt roads, and voila! You find yourself in the middle of the old Carignan and Grenache vines of their estate, your nose full of Mediterranean herbal fragrances, the natural soundtrack performed by tireless cicadas, and a strong breeze of course – it’s Languedoc after all!

After a walk between the different plots, where our host is explaining the work in the vines, we are invited to come back to their huge stone-walled cellar. It’s equipped with brand-new stainless-steel vats, and in the middle a table is set where a “repas vigneron”- the winegrower lunch - is served: terrine, saucisson, bread, grilled sausages, big smiles and of course, the wines of the domain.

Chateau Grand Moulin, it’s an invitation, with simplicity, authenticity and generosity, traits you’ll definitely feel in their wines.

More about the domain

Jean-Noël Bousquet bought his first two acres vineyards in 1973, when he was only 17. In 1978 he was growing vines on 20 acres and worked with the local cooperative. In that time, winegrowers preferred to plant vines on plains instead of hills, to optimize the volume of their production. Jean-Noël preferred to invest in well-exposed fields that were sold for a low price. He created the Domaine Grand Moulin in 1988, buying 60 more acres.

In 1994 one of the wines of Château Grand Moulin is crowned Best Wine of the World.

Reasoned, innovative and environmentally friendly method of viticulture, this winery is making their own compost for fertilization and are about to receive their organic certification.

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