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Guillaume Maurel

Director Supplies & Distribution

Born in Bordeaux, Guillaume was introduced to wine from an early age. Wine enthusiast from as far as he remembers, he moved to Toulouse in 2015, after several years working in Banking and Finance. Exposed to wines from Languedoc and the South West, Guillaume was pleasantly surprised by the quality and value of these unique products; created by winemakers who clearly knew how to speak Gaia’s language. Impressed by the winegrowers of the South, and coupled with his passion for beautiful wine, Guillaume was inspired to promote these up and coming regions. Australia was an obvious choice – a country boasting some of the best wineries of the New World, but also one which has a strong curiosity for overseas wines, particularly those made in France: MidiVines is created.

Josie Iuliano

Director Customer Experience

Coming from a European background, Josie’s first encounters with wine were presented at the family dinner table, straight from the vats of her uncle’s experimental vintages. She quickly learned to distinguish between the good, the bad and the ugly through the opinion of the home-made liquid via the ‘secret’ family ballot. Born and bred in Australia’s multicultural food and wine hub of Melbourne allowed Josie to grow, explore and embrace her passion for swilling, sampling and sourcing the finest of drops! Now consumed with locating exclusive culinary and viticulture experiences locally and internationally, no weekend is complete without winery inspired adventure. As a seasoned Change Manager, Josie’s priority is always the customer and how they uniquely experience new products, services and events.

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