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About Us

Why MidiVines? – the name itself comes from le Midi which is the name given to the South of France, and once coupled with Vines, gives birth to the divine!

For us normal people, born closer to the wine glass than the wine barrel, and endlessly curious and fascinated by wine, Languedoc is recognized worldwide as an innovative and exploratory wine playground.

We are in love with the most exciting French wine producing region for a few reasons:

...An old vine growing heritage, even older than the Romans...

Let’s invade the South of Gaul! My cousin told me that they have been producing amazing wine for centuries over there too!” - Roman General Maximus Drunkus – 124 BC

...A large variety of terroir and products...

One reason why I like the Languedoc so much is that it produces the full gamut of wine styles” - MW Jancis Robinson

...Excellent value wine...

The Languedoc is a diamond in the rough and continues to be an incredible source of high-quality wines, as well as terrific values” - Jeb Dunnuck, The Wine Advocate - 2017


What the hell!?” - Benedictine monk finding bubbles in his wine for the first time – 1531

...Sustainability/Reasoned agriculture...

Sustainability is [...] at the heart of what we do here, using the savoir-faire and innovative methods of our winemakers” - Miren De Lorgeril, CIVL Languedoc President – 2018

So much variety is available in Languedoc, we can be sure there is a wine to suit everyone!
We are pleased to be presenting the most acclaimed selections of the region to our fellow Australian wine enthusiasts.

Don't miss the Pinot Noir, it's our best seller!

Our Values

Unique, Artisan, Sustainable, Quality


Whilst our wines offer a different take on some well-loved Aussie varietals, we are excited to showcase blends made from some less common, yet delicious, exotic grape varieties.


Our products are from family-owned wineries who believe in honouring traditional methods to produce the best modern wine. The outcome of their labour is a product which oozes character; one which easily sets itself apart from so many.


We partner with wineries that understand the importance of working with the cycles of nature. They use sustainable farming techniques to nourish their vines, in order to produce the most authentic wines.

Great Quality Wines

Artisanal products issued from reasoned agriculture are synonymous with premium quality. Our wines are transported and stored under climate control, enabling them to be delivered at a high standard, so they can be experienced at their very best.


Languedoc-Roussillon stretches from the Rhone Valley in the east to the Spanish border in the south. It is dominated by more than 300,000 hectares of vineyards, making it France’s largest producing wine region. It has been estimated that one in every 10 bottles in the world produced in the 20th century originated from here.


Wine chronicles in Languedoc began around 500 B.C. when the Greeks brought viticulture via the southern port of Marseilles, making it the oldest wine region in France. As an important lubricant of the Empire, the Romans ensured that vines were planted and grown everywhere possible.
From the 8th century, Christians monks began supervising wine production in abbeys situated in the Corbieres region or Limoux. We will be eternally thankful for their invention of sparkling wine in 1531!


Warm Mediterranean climate including Summer temperatures often above 30ºC, mild winters and low rainfall levels, especially during the growing season. However, conditions will depend on altitude of the vineyard. Dry weather and strong winds are a natural help for vinegrowers to produce healthy crops with minimum intervention, allowing more sustainable growing techniques.

Languedoc Today

Languedoc is home to 23 wine regions or AOC’s (Appellation d’Origine Controlee, or Protected Designation of Origin) with specific rules depending on the location.
From the 1980’s, Languedoc has been a land of intense innovation, fostered by a new generation of winemakers taking stock of what Languedoc has best to offer: old vines, copious amounts of sunshine, and a nourishing climate. The current generation is about following in their footsteps by further improving and giving worldwide excitement with their amazing value wines vintage after vintage.

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